Top 10 wonderful places for Kayak Voyage in the United States

Colorado River - Kayak Voyage
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If you enjoy the thrill in indulging in adventure sports then you could try kayaking, as it is an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. Enjoy the experience as you dodge gigantic rocks, deal with strong currents or face raging rapids. There is no other sport that can give you this experience.

Kayaking is not just about getting through a powerful river but it is also about building self confidence. There are many people who travel to the United States to participate in kayaking events and build memories for a lifetime. Here is a list of top 10 kayaking destinations within the United States.
1. The Colorado River

Colorado River - Kayak Voyage
This river has gained quite a reputation for its dangerous rapids, the wind generated by the river blows over three states and as a traveler you will not be short of an adventure. It is always best that you keep some time on your hands as the place has beautiful scenery. While you pass through Utah and Arizona you could take the time to do a bit of fishing. Some people even take the time to gaze upon the beauty of the Grand Canyon by lazing around on their kayak and at night they simply set up camp on the shore.
2. The Arkansas River

This river is very beautifully surrounded by the Rockies mountain range that adds to the beauty of the river. Thousands of people flock in here to get the ultimate experience in kayaking. This river ranks number six on the list of longest rivers in USA. The good thing about this river is that it has certain spots where one can put their angling skills to the test. To get the best out of this place make sure you visit the Royal Gorge. There are certain areas of the river that come under the class IV.
3. Salmon River

Salmon River kayaking -2

Salmon River kayaking
This is the best location if you want to indulge in white water kayaking, there is no doubt that Salmon River will be the perfect location for a person like you. In this area you can expect to find canyons that are really deep. The River Of No Return is another popular name for this river as its beauty captivates the travelers. The river has three parts Middle Fork, Main Salmon and Lower Salmon.

4. Gauley River
There is no doubt that West Virginia has gained a reputation for its mountains and scenic beauty. Located in the mountain ranges are fierce waterways that are just perfect for indulging in kayaking. If you visit during October or September you may have trouble dealing with the water but the overall experience is worth it. You will find a huge number of kayaking enthusiasts in this area as it is a popular destination.
5. Devils River

Devils River
If you are looking for a place that ranks high on natural beauty then Devils River is just for you. This is the perfect location for kayaking and that you will cherish for years to come. The water is kept sparkling clean ecologically, if you are interested in kayaking and catching f catfish, carp and bass then you should head over immediately.
6. Shelter Cove

Shelter Cove
Located in California and it is famous for organizing the kayaking derby called Gimme shelter. The event is held in May, 200 people participate in it. The place is so beautiful that it makes kayaking a wonderful experience too. Take a break from kayaking and fish for rockfish, halibut and salmon. Kayaking in this area will give you the best experience that you will remember for a long time to come. Do not give this place a miss.
7. Brazos River

Brazos River
This happens to a very long river as it stretches for 840 miles, this passes within the Lone Star state right up to the Mexican Gulf. There is no doubt that kayaking on this river will be a scenic and peaceful experience for you. The river gives you a mild ride, so if you are beginner then it should not be a problem for you. However you should keep in mind that storms and dam releases can make the river a little tumultuous.
8. Lake Lady Bird

Lake Lady Bird Kayaking
If you happen to be in Austin do not give this Lake a miss. This is situated right in the heart of Austin, over the years this has gained tremendous amount of popularity as a kayaking location. People in huge numbers come to this place to enjoy the sport. You can rent a kayak from the rental shops situated very close to the lake. Enjoy the beautiful view of Austin as you spend your time kayaking around the lake.
9. Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake Kayak tour

Caddo Lake kayaking
The lake spans an area of 25,400 acres, this lake is the perfect location for kayaking enthusiast who also want to explore its natural beauty. If wildlife is your forte then feast your eyes on some rare species of birds in this area. The area is also home to countless reptiles and alligators. Do not forget to bring your camera as the beauty of the place is stunning, the cypress trees add another degree of charm too this place.
10. The LA River 

The LA River has two formal recreation zones located in Elysian Valley and the Sepulveda Basin.  Starting on Memorial Day, May 29, theses zones will provide designated areas for the public to walk, fish, and use non-motorized and steerable boats such as kayaks. This a good place for you to learn angling techniques and develop good control over your movements.
There is no denying that some of the best places for kayaking happen to be in USA. Whether you like to kayak in wild water or calm water, these to ten locations can give you a great experience. These rivers are divided into different classes such as Class I (which is very easy) and Class V+ (which could be very tough). So, you should remember to pick one as per your ability. These rivers tend to display different behavior patterns in certain sections, so sometimes a single river can fall into two different classes at the same time.
Do not rush into things; you should take the time to evaluate all your options. Speak to people who have been to these places, consider taking some lessons to help you prep the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure you follow all the safety instructions and wear proper gear, as it is always advisable to refrain from going kayaking when the rivers are exceptionally disturbed.

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