What you should know to have a Successful & Safe Explore of Cave ?

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Do you like adventure? Are you the type that can think on their feet and solve all sorts of troubles sensibly? Then you should give caving a serious thought because it is one of those hobbies that require all of these. Of course, it is an adventure sport, but cavers are different kind of people. They are sober, can think out of the box and can conserve resources very well. You can be spelunking, as it is commonly called, for many reasons like fun, adventure, scientific research or even for companionship. Likewise caves also vary and you can find different caves offering you with diverse contentment. For example, rubble, water, hidden secret ways, weird people, animals and even waterfalls are a common sight. All this suggests that you need to make notes to have a successful Cave Explorer for sure. Let us have a detailed look into the matter.

 Find the right destination?

There is no one specific way for this as people use separate methods of finding caves. Some explorers believe that a few litter, spray paint and practically show no respect to caves. This is why they do not show the exact locations of caves in general and that makes it a tad difficult to find caves for an escapade. We would like you to know that following these simple steps can make it easy for you to locate one for your quest:

  • Research on your own – This means you need to conduct research at your own levels. You can read through the newsletters and can even have a word with experienced cavers for this. This will help you get in touch with landowners pursuit that you can contact for further pursuit.
  • Join the club – Since people are usually callous about the preservation of caves, most cavers do not this share information easily. Unless, they know the recipient to be trustworthy, they will not provide details of caves in particular. So, the best way would be to join a local club to prove your worth and then find the right destination.

Types of caves

You may want to have fun while swimming across an underwater ship, subway tunnels that actually are considered to be dangerous and sewers that are best to be avoided. So, it totally depends on what kinds of caves you want to explore and we have segmented caves for you to understand them better.

A Cave in deep jungle, Source: Pixabay.com
  • Talus Caves – These are loaded boulders that can be confused a lot and chances are high to get lost. These are often found in mountainous regions and the rocks are hard, often made of granite. History are used to be found within these caves.
  • Lava or Volcanic Caves – These caves are formed out of molten lava and they are very jagged. You need to be extra careful while moving through them for this.
  • Solution Caves – Most commonly found caves that are made up of gypsum or may be limestone. These are the ones that people usually go caving in for their exploration.
  • Jungle cave: Mostly found in Dense Jungle and normally dangerous due to presence of animal and water flowing through mud build structure. But risk make it most appealing.
  • Sea-Side Cave: These kinds of caves are known to be very romantic where people can enjoy. Fingal’s Cave and Blue Grotto are wonderful caves to explore.

Gear for a cave exploration

explore a cave-2
A Cave with Water, source Pinterest.com

Are cave dangerous? There is only one answer to this that it depends on you and your ability to think logically through a situation. Caving should be done slowly and panicking is regarded as lethal. So, you know what it is like in nutshell and we have worked on some basic supplies that you should carry with you while on a venture.

  • A trip should comprise of at least 3 people in the least
  • Always go with experienced caver if this your first time
  • Wear proper clothes according to the topography like a wetsuit for underwater caving
  • Remember socks, hardhats, knitted pull over kind of hat, helmets, gloves and boots are a must
  • Headlight mounted on helmets
  • Carry light and additional supplies like bulbs as well as batteries
  • Get a cave pack that can keep bells, whistles and can pass through constricted passage ways
  • Markers like reflective tapes can be used to keep a track
  • Get a trash bag to keep it clean


cave exploration

We have always answered this question in a positive way – “is caving safe?” Anything is safe as long as you want it to be. You should not be a daredevil and must turn back once in a while. This will keep you safe and things like the following will do the rest:

  • Do not go for caving if you are sick
  • People with phobias like claustrophobia, fear of bats or slight physical uneasiness should avoid it
  • Do not drink cave water as it may contain deadly impurities
  • You should not be caving under consumption
  • Wear a hardhat to avoid falling of any kind

Measuring weather for caving

This is a tricky thing and you need to monitor local weather reports before you head into a cave. You can collect notes about the weather conditions of your destination and choose the perfect time for your cave exploration.


Okay, one thing that we wanted to say is that caving is nothing like what they show in movies. Don’t be scared to embrace a new hobby because you may have watched something silly in a movie. You can contact proper authorities for exploring the caves for best experiences. Remember as we have mentioned that a cave explorer can preserve caves for good. Do not share information about caves with unknown people and maintain the least decorum. All should see you through your cave exploration and the rest you will learn when out in field. All the best for your expedition!

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