Hammock with Mosquito Net for Adventure Tours & Camping

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For any Trips & Jungle Exploration, you might care about Mosquitoes – A typical type of insect which fighten any travelers. Especially when you camping & sleep overnight in deep jungle, hearing the sound of mosquitoes might be a nightmare for you. In this post, we’d like to guide you how to Hammock with Mosquito net to prevent Mosquito Bites . A hammock would make your nights pleasant, cozy and resting. The problem is you don’t know where to start because you may not have found sufficient information about it. Bored with reading the same details again and again? Here is something new and fresh that would provide you all the ins and outs about the perfect hammock with mosquito net.

  1. Benefits of hammock with mosquito net
mosquito hammock with net
Mosquito hammock with net, source: BWCA.com

If you went camping, you would be sleeping in a tent, because real campers do not sleep in comfortable beds and are not surrounded with kitchens and bathrooms, like in an RV. Hold on to that thought, but add a hammock to it and once you try, you will know how comforting it can be. Okay, we have a natural like for cradling and a hammock can produce that effect. There is more to it, like:

  • Oh merciless ground – How many times have you found that the ground you have put up your tent is uneven? You may have not noticed but the ground underneath you sometimes seems to be too hard or soft. Wait, about that rock or giant root, hidden under it, insects, snakes or reptile are also easy to attach you when lie on ground? A hammock will keep you safe from all this and you will be able to enjoy floating that protects you against predators as well. You will just have one single feeling while sleeping.
  • Up anywhere – In continuation from the previous point, a hammock can be placed anywhere you like. You may have to find a suitable spot for a tent and then strap it up. Hands down, a hammock saves you from all that trouble.
  • Let your lungs breathe – Sleep in the middle of the forest and breathe in the fresh air. Soak it in and remain distracted from your pent up city life. What’s the point of camping if you want to spend time in a tent?
  • Sleep well – A hammock with mosquito net helps you sleep well because you do not have the fear being bitten by bugs and mosquitoes that can ruin your experience. That certainly sounds reassuring, doesn’t it?
  • The truth – Hammocks are lighter than tents that means they are easy to carry while you on a trail. These days they are no different than a tent and most would provide you with facilities of a tent.
Source: theultimatehang.com

2. What is the best place for hammock camping and what should be avoided?

To be precise, the best thing to do during hammock camping would be to avoid places that are considered to be breeding place of mosquitoes. The following discussion will give you a fair idea about this for sure:

Avoid places – Sights like shores of a crystal clear lake view, areas with long grass and marshy swamps are a haven for mosquitoes and bugs.

Suitable places – You should not camp by such sites and may be camping like 100 feet away from a pond or a lake or a flowing river can be a good idea. You can also try to stay in a place higher and that may be drier in reality.

  • Methods to apply to save you from bugs of all kinds

Some unfortunate people have a type of blood that would attract bugs of any kind. So, is their blood scented that it would catch the attention of insects within a jiffy. Our advice to such people would be not to worry as we have some tricks up our sleeves that may help you further:

  • Go for products that have no smell at all, at least when planning for a camping trip
  • Invest in a good hammock with mosquito net that will take care of the rest
  • Buy waterproof bug sprays as these will prove to be of great help for you out there
  • Add a stick of sage to your campfire and see how the buggers fly away

3. How to choose the best hammock with mosquito net?

It all boils down to how you are going to use it as you will select the hammock accordingly. Here are some foundations of purchasing a hammock:

  • You may want to think about what size of hammock you want to invest in
  • Then you should also give space a consideration, so as to how long you want it to be like a single or a queen size one
  • Weight bearing capacity of the hammock
  • Your budget that should not skip your mind
Jungle Hammock
Jungle Mosquito Hammock, source:mosquitohammock

5. Maximizing the effectiveness of a hammock

You cannot be carrying a measuring tape to check distance between two trees while hanging a hammock. What you can do is:

  • Determine the height of the objects
  • Measure the distance between the ends of the hammock (Hammock Ridgeline Length)
  • Check if the objects are at least 13 to 16 feet away
  • Use straps as ropes will dig into the tree and cause more damage to it
  • Tie the ends loosely as this will leave space for adjusting it with the suspension, otherwise you may feel the pull and you will end up being uncomfortable all through

Special Tips: Use some anti Insect or special sprays to spray in the net of hammock, this helps to avoid the mosquitoes get close, spray for each of hanging loops then the ants or other reptiles fear to come up close.

Now, that you know so much about hammock with mosquito net, you should be thrilled to get one. We assure you that if you think of buying a hammock, following the above mentioned steps can help you further in your quest. All you need is little time to mull over things that way we have described. So, go on and get the hammock of your dreams.

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