For those who love jungle / forest explore, summer’s been considered as the best to start the journey. Not only feel adventurous & risky, Jungle Exploration Strip help you to be immersed in nature, watching the beautiful scenery, feel wild, calm & mysterious. Let’s be with us to explore the beauty of nature through jungle & forest, learning some experience from this type of adventure travel.

Find out the Destination you plan to come in advance

It seems to be a jungle travel and explorer, you should choose a native forest for its pristine beauty & diversity of flora and fauna, find out in advance about the location, safety and weather conditions for the place you plan to travel. This helps to prevent risks during the trip, you should inform your friends of the location, plan and staying time  there.

When you choose the  appropriate location for you strip in jungle, it’s good to camp near river or stream, and the distance from the nearest residential area about 15km. In particular, you should hire a fluent locals join terrain trip. They will help you avoid getting lost or looking for more way off, and can communicate to meet ethnic minorities.

To help you organize your trip, we should also ask travelers and tourism professionals some of the most common questions of those planning this type of trip.

Prepare a good health

Health is important part for a successful Journey. Therefore, you should prepare a good health & regularly  take  the exercise before the journey. Just make you feet stronger & stronger as you have use it more in every explorer.

Should I travel alone or with a group?

A suspension bridge in Jungle, Source:

In addition to being more fun, traveling in a group is much safer than traveling alone, as the risk of assaults or accidents is much lower. Several problems can arise during a trip, and they are more easily solved when you are in the company of friends or family. But best of all is to be able to share the experiences and knowledge gained with someone, be they right or wrong. Having a partner at these times gives you much greater security. Showing a photo or telling a fact does not make people aware of the time.

“Do I stay in a jungle hotel or a cruise?”
Both jungle hotels and boat cruises are good options for those who want to explore the jungle with comfort and without extreme emotions. Both offer almost the same rides included in the package. Therefore, when choosing between one and the other, you have to take into consideration the type of experience you want to have.

In a jungle hotel, you are in contact with nature all the time, it also interacts more with the local community and knows the region you are staying in better. On the other hand, on the ship, you have the advantage of going a much greater distance and sleeping in different places. The landscape always changes, and the experience of navigating the rivers is unique.

But what do I do in the jungle?

group of people in jungle expedition

Jungle hotels and cruises have a daily activity schedule. The principal means of lodging in the Amazon usually includes focusing (alligator watching), walking through the woods, visiting an indigenous community, piranha fishing, going to the water and walking to see the pink dolphin. At night, when there is no night stroll, we have a little rest, but we are so tired from the excursions and waking up early that we slept early as well.

“Will I be devoured by the bugs?”
With kills on all sides, far from civilization, being attacked by mosquitoes and rubber trees is a fact, right? Not exactly. The Rio Negro, in Brazil, has a high degree of acidity where most of the jungle hotels are located, and, because of this, insects do not proliferate.
Hotels and ships also have mosquito netting in the window. Just repellent. In the jungle raids, there are more insects. To get rid of bites, in addition to the repellent, wear long pants and long-sleeved T-shirts.

– What’s the best time to go?

A Good Morning in Rainforest

The jungle is usually divided into two seasons. In the rainy season, where boats can travel longer routes, the trips are easier, and you can go canoeing through the flooded forest. However, the drought period is ideal to enjoy the river beaches, which disappear when the river is full. Since it’s hot and rainy all year round, it’s hard to say which is the best time to go. You can enjoy it every month.

– How long to stay?
Four or five days in a jungle hotel or a cruise is enough time to enjoy the place without the tours becoming repetitive, according to travelers and travel agents.

 Costumes & Necessary Items

necessary items for jungle explorer
In the suitcase, put on light and comfortable clothes, a hat, bathing suits, repellent and the pharmacist with the general medicines. For the walks in the woods, bring light long pants, avoiding the jeans. As it rains a lot, it’s good to take a raincoat and comfortable sneakers. Taking money with you is also important. On tours to local communities, have craft products to buy, and you will need money.

In addition, these items are neccessary in the forest travel you should bring include: knives, axes, tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, batteries, primary, cameras, lighters, raincoats, sheets, pots pot for cooking. The medical supplies: first aid bags and medicines, insect repellent, mosquito cream, squeezed, drinking water, water disinfectants, canned food, instant noodles.

“Will I see animals all over the place?”


Although a jungle has the greatest biodiversity on the planet, observing animals in the jungle is not as easy as in other regions. Many tourists believe that they will see all those animals shown in the documentaries and end up being disappointed. During the raids in the forest, you can see birds, some monkeys, alligators, porpoises and some laziness. But terrestrial mammals, such as tapir, paca, jaguar and ounce, are hardly observed.

– How to handle dangerous situations ?


Jungle & Forest Explorers contain potential risk, which require your calm to solve it properly. In particular, you can be driven into wild animal traps, get lost or dangerous animals,  explosives  … be the leading threats. On the other hand, when camping near rivers and streams should be careful with bathing, washing , just find the falls to take that. This helps to prevent floods occurring suddenly.

Insect bites

Insect stings are common when you travel in Jungle, that’s why you should bring insect repellent or mosquito cream. You use the spray mosquito spray around pants from the knees or lower before you start the explorer. Moreover,  there’re a lot of snakes in the forest, the tip for you is that to pound mixed garlicwith water and sprinkle around the resting position. If bitten, you should tie it properly under the guidance of medical and move down the mountain quickly. In an emergency, you can slit one trail in the wound and suck out the venom.

Get lost

If you get lost, you should keep calm, calm is the important thing that you need to remember to avoid being disoriented by panic. Then you should find the trail or walk by the river to get back down. Alternatively, you can light a fire plume, or the sound to make it easy to find, use compass to find out the right direction …

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