Are you an outdoor person and love going for picnics? Yes, it requires a little bit of planning, but it is worth it. A day out with family and friends could be invigorating for you. However, the need of a good sitting is a must for an outdoor get-together. For this, we present you with the Best outdoor picnic blankets that can enhance your experience on the whole.

What criterias to choose Outdoor Picnic blankets?
A picnic blanket must be relaxing as it should help you enjoy your company and must be comforting. You must look for a handful of features in your picnic blanket. We have elucidated all that in here; feel free to read them.
a) Waterproof – A good picnic blanket should be able to absorb water quickly from the wet grass. At the same time, it must dry faster to make you feel cozy right away.

b) Size – It should be able to accommodate you, family, friends and the menu. You cannot ask people to eat from the ground or adjust their rear on the wet ground! Size does matter here and you must not forget that at all.

c) Lightweight – This means it should be convenient to carry and must fold into a small nothing with all these features. That is right, we are describing the Best outdoor picnic blankets here.

d) Soft and sturdy – It must be soft to sit but must not be fragile. We mean it should be durable (like made from linen) as it may have to undergo a lot of abuse.
The Best outdoor picnic blankets for you
Below is a list of the top outdoor picnic blankets that you can use out on picnics.
1. Fleece Stadium Blanket Outdoor Waterproof Windproof Soft Warm Poly Fleece Picnic Blanket

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This is a waterproof picnic blanket that has 100% polyester back and is windproof. This implies you can cherish your picnic after a rain kissed day or even on a windy day. Use it for picnics, soccer games, concerts or even for camping. It is an extra-large size 59 inches by 79 inches. It can self fold itself and is compact in shape (rolls into 12 inches by 6 inches). It’s soft because of the insulated fleece that keeps you warm. This product is backed with lifetime warranty. On other hand it claims to be insulated but needs to be warmer and the fleece could have been thicker.

2. Evergreen Outdoor Blanket

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With every purchase of this blanket, team Evergreen Outdoor Company plants a tree. Do we even say anything more? This multipurpose blanket will help you treasure your outdoor time forever. It is durable, comfortable and warm during a picnic, a soccer game or an outdoor concert. It is soft owing to the fleece. The gray polyester makes it waterproof. It is easy to fold and tug along because of the shoulder straps. It can be stored without much of a difficulty and you can machine wash this blanket whenever required. The problem is that it can withstand a little of rain, but not heavy rains and can get you soaked under extreme situations.

3. Premium Oversize Outdoor Pocket Blanket for Picnic

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This ideal product is light in weight and an ideal friend for all those that take pleasure in spending quality time outdoors. That is right; this is for those that prefer planning excursions like a picnic, backpackers or those who trail. This blanket is 79 inches by 56 inches, which is good enough for the whole family. Want to know more, read the following discussion then. It keeps you protected from wet grass, dirty and hot ground as well. You get 4 metallic stakes that can keep it in place in windy locations. The two high quality bags sweeten the deal (keep the stakes in one and the rest in another). You can get out and fold it quickly which is an added advantage. The major drawback is the fabric lacks insulation which could be a problem and need careful washing, otherwise it may fall apart

4. Large Waterproof Picnic and Camping Blanket 79”x 59” & 9 Outdoor Accessories Complete Bundle

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Now, camp or spend your outdoor in style with this bundle from the house of smartRSQ. It lacks nothing is a complete package for a perfect outing as it includes things like sporks (spoon and fork), carabiner, aluminum stakes to hold the blanket on windy days, microfiber towel, whistle and earbuds holder that ensure your cables do not entangle. This is not the end as there is more to this picnic blanket. It comes in 3 colors – green, red and black. This makes for a city as well as a mountain EDC. It is waterproof and thankfully is spill proof too. It can accommodate 2 to 3 people because of its humungous size (78 inches by 59 inches). It can be cleaned easily. Little more of color variation would have been an added advantage for this product.

5. All-Purpose Outdoor Blanket Camping Bundle (Large 9-Piece Set) Portable, Compact and Waterproof

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Another smartRSQ product that is nothing short of a comprehensive picnic blanket set. This can turn your romantic picnics, camping, mountain hiking and soccer games into fun. You get a lot of accessories like whistle, 2 stainless steel sporks, carabiner, microfiber towel, earbuds holder and the blanket has pocket in the front. This all-purpose blanket is a marvel of its own without any doubts. Innovative blanket that can keep the wet grass away owing to its water resistant properties. It is also resistant to sand and wind. You can use the pockets to weigh it down by adding sand or rock to keep it in place. Is machine washable and is extremely simple to clean.

6. Portable Lightweight Pocket Blanket for Beach Picnic Hiking

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This multi functional picnic blanket is made from Ripstop Nylon Diamond 300D that makes it soft, fast drying and sturdy enough. So, you can sue this for picnics, concerts, festivals, games or even hiking. This product from CRIDD has a compact design and includes accessories like carabiner, pouch, 4 stakes and a zipped pouch for securing your valuables. Now, stay clean from sand and dirt with this picnic blanket. It will protect you from the sun and rain in the best possible ways. It will keep you dry amidst the weather changes. IT used to be light in weight. The high quality blanket that will take care of all your needs. It comes with 1 year replacement warranty.


7. Waterproof Pocket Blanket

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You get a choice of three colors in this picnic blanket by Aqualio Pocket Blankets. It is ultra-light in weight that adds to its utility and you get a carry bag free to make it more functional. It build from Ripstop nylon that is a prove of it being quite strapping. It’s a waterproof blanket and large in size (55 inches by 71 inches). This is super easy to clean the blanket. You can get a carabiner that can be strapped. It’s backed by a year’s warranty. But keep one thing in mind that it is not comfortable during hot sunny days to sit on and the stakes need to be bought.

8. Compact Portable Kanga Pocket Blanket

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This multipurpose blanket is available in 4 different colors that make it a lucrative choice. This Kanga picnic blanket can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children at any time because of its robust size (55 inches by 44 inches). This lightweight blanket makes it a point that you enjoy your picnic, camping, hiking or wildlife adventure. This blanket is made from 210D Diamond Ripstop Nylon, has a DWR or Durable Water Repellent Finish that makes quick drying possible. The detachable carry bag breaks the deal and can be used as a table cloth as well. If you are expecting a waterproof blanket, then going for this water resistant one will not solve the purpose
The selection of the best outdoor picnic blankets can make or break or your picnic experience. These days, picnic blankets are so easily available in online stores that there is no need to worry at all. You can pick and choose according to your requirement. What are you waiting for? Go on and get the best one for you.


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