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Free Guide for Spearfishing

Deep under the sea water, listing with various types of fish. So how to hunt them in funny, easy & interesting ways? The concept of Spearfishing may sound little new to you. Does it? In simple words, it is a thrilling way to catch fresh fish and then eating it. Jokes apart, you may be thinking that standing in the middle and throwing a line sound to be a passive activity. This is certainly not the case with this kind of fish hunting and here is a free guide for Spearfishing that you can use if you are a beginner.

How to Survive from a Storm in Jungle or Rainforest

The purest way to connect with Mother Nature is through the wilderness. Whenever a traveler visits a forest, he/she realizes that the trees have something to convey every time the wind blows. A strong earthy smell instantly connects the soul with the forest. The first time is surely unforgettable. The enormous trees form a majestic canopy with the sunbeams pouring down through the leaves making the traveler dream of heaven.

How to Use An Inflatable Kayak for a Outdoor Trip?

Just imagine that you’re going to a river or ocean in your own Inflatable Kayak, be it for fishing, camping or fun exploring, or any other recreation activity. Isn’t it exciting? Well before discussing anything, you must know what inflatable kayak is and your target location for this. Even before you choose the right kayak for you must choose the destination and need to start preparation accordingly.