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Best Speargun Reviews

In simple words a speargun is a firing arm that helps you catch a fish or other animals underwater. It is also known as a scuba gun and they have a trigger mechanism that they run on. Spearguns are used for spearfishing, a few use it for a living, can be used for snorkeling and underwater for target shooting and other can use the same as a thrilling adventurous sport.


Outdoor activities offer a lot to adventurous experience but only when they go for the best activities, kayaking being one of them. Kayaking is a popular pastime for…

Free Guide for Ice Climbing in Nepal

An adventure sport is a popular term for such kind of activities perceived as having a high degree of danger with various uncontrollable environmental factors. Like any sport, ice climbing has its own popularity. People who are in search of unusual thrilling experience enjoy climbing ice walls. Ever-changing nature of snow and ice makes the climbing challenging and exciting. Mountaineers and sports climbers enjoy the challenge of climbing vertical ice. In this article, I’d like to share you free Guide for Ice Climbing in Nepal.

What you should know about Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is slowly becoming one of the most popular adventure sports. There are two reasons behind this. First, it will make your introduction to the underworld, the whole new world below the sea surface and secondly, you don’t have to be a swimming expert to be a diver. Millions of people make their introduction to scuba diving every year to get their diving license done.

What you should know to have a Successful & Safe Cave Exploring?

Do you like adventure? Are you the type that can think on their feet and solve all sorts of troubles sensibly? Then you should give caving a serious thought because it is one of those hobbies that require all of these. Of course, it is an adventure sport, but cavers are different kind of people. They are sober, can think out of the box and can conserve resources very well. You can be spelunking, as it is commonly called, for many reasons like fun, adventure, scientific research or even for companionship.