List of +8 Portable Camping Stoves for you to buy

camping stove
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When prepare for outdoor travel, camping or hiking, you must immediately think of cooking at the campfire. With a camping stove, you can cook the meal that both delicious and easy to make and it’s very suitable for camping trips because of its convenience and interest. The feeling of cooking in the forest, near a stream is definitely something everyone wants to experience.

However, to choose for yourself a good and easy-to-use camping stove, it also takes a lot of time to select. This article compares some of the most popular types of camping stoves, and outlines a few things to keep in mind when using these stoves so you can make the best decision.

For those who go on a camping, there are 2 popular choices: gas fuel and liquid fuel. You should also check out some of the alternative fuel options available on the market.

Some options for buying the camping stove with purposes of using:

+ Use for Summer outdoor – gas stove or built-in picnic stove system
+ Use for Winter or high mountain place – Liquid fuel stove
+ Just for boiling the water – Built-in camping stove system (with gas cylinder)
+ Camping / hiking with super light luggage – gas stove or built-in camping stove system
+ Use for large group of camping or hiking – Liquid fuel stove
+ Cooking at campsite – Any type of stove that can control the flame and has a solid base

Based on your need of using

Some picnickers prefer stoves that have the ability to quickly boil water to prepare frozen foods or melt snow into water. Others want stoves that have the ability to accurately control the boiling point for cooking, especially for gourmets.

The manufacturers of camping stoves give estimates for how long it takes to boil water from room temperature (average boil time). However, there is no standard test to determine how quickly a stove boils water. Therefore, these estimates cannot provide an exact comparison.

Most of people like to choose portable camping stoves as its convenices, they can easily fold the stoves & its accessories in their backpack. Portable camping stoves are small, lightweight, easy to use in any stituation

Some information about types of stoves:

+ Kitchen with integrated picnic gas system heats water the fastest and also uses the least fuel. You can also use this stove for cooking.
+ Camping gas stoves (Canister Stoves) boil water quickly, some models are good or excellent for cooking, suitable for camping cooking.
+ Liquid-fuel stoves heat water quickly, even in cold weather. The ability to use for cooking varies depending on the product line
+ Alternate-fuel stoves are used mainly for boiling although they are shorter than other stoves, sometimes a few minutes slower.

Based on design of stove

Upright: The stove is attached to the break on the gas cylinder. This is the most compact option. The minus point is that with long types of soldiers, they can be tilted or overturned; Can’t hold big pots

Low model: The hob is placed on a separate base and is connected to the gas tank by a fuel hose. Gas cylinder can be turned upside down to increase performance in cold weather; The pot holder will help large pots to be placed more firmly. The minus point is that this type is bulkier and heavier

The biggest obstacle is that the vertical gas cylinder is depressurized at freezing temperatures (below 0°C) causing the flame to be weak or not ignited. The pressure returns to normal as the temperature rises.

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