Is your Travel Journey Safe in Palmistry?

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Mr Nitin Kumar is a worldwide famous palmist who can predict your future in multiple aspects: health, career, love & marriage… & be my friend too. Then i decided to post his article on my blog & Hope you feel interesting about this.

 I know so many of you loving to travel. The question is that : Is your journey safe, happy or dangerous?

Travel Lines in Palmistry

Travelling brings you good feeling and new exploration; however some of travellers or expats get trouble or accident to in her or his journey. To help you know whether your journey good or bad, Mr Nitin Kumar can give some signs on palm which indicate about this.

if your travel line goes downwards, which mean doesn’t go upwards or in straight line; indicate unsucessful travel.

unsucessful travel

Especially when there’s a cross (X sign) on travel line, be sure your travel would be unsucessful

If your travel line with island on it then indicate loss in travel or unsucessful travel

 Traveline goes to head line with an insland on it, which predict head injure while travelling

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