How to Use An Inflatable Kayak for first time?

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Just imagine that you’re going to a river or ocean in your own Inflatable Kayak, be it for fishing, camping or fun exploring, or any other recreation activity. Isn’t it exciting? Well before discussing anything, you must know what inflatable kayak is and your target location for this. Even before you choose the right kayak for you must choose the destination and need to start preparation accordingly.

This article helps you to have a perfect outdoor trip with Kayaks.  Kayaking may be of different types like recreational, surfing or sea kayaking and you have to make a plan accordingly from every prospect like weather, difficulties, positioning and all.

About Inflatable Kayaks & Why we choose it
People basically picture the kayak as a hard-shelled single-seat rafting device only. Well, this is not completely true. Kayaks come in various sizes and thus have different design & types, also available for both the tandem and solo versions. Most people consider inflatable kayaks as the real sit-on-top kayak kind.

Family on a Inflatable Kayak with fun
Family on a Inflatable Kayak with fun, Source:

Benefits of inflatable kayaks
There are innumerable benefits of choosing inflatable kayaks:

• Lightweight & Portable:
These kayaks are lightweight and portable so can be carried easily and even be stored in the car’s trunk also. It’s easy to store in a closet when you return home because of its compact size.
• Easy to use:
The inflatable kayaks are fast and easy to deflate and inflate when you get the hang of it. So, you can be on the water in only a few minutes and can get out of the water also quickly.
• Sturdy & Durable:
Inflatable kayaks are strong and durable enough to use any kind of conditions you experience, whether on a lake, river or even on the ocean also.
• Highly floatable:
These kayaks are highly light in weight so you can bounce over the rocks easily as these kayaks are filled with air which offers a secure ride. Even you can simply shoot through the standing waves also.
• Soft & Comfortable:
You might ride in your kayak for longer hours and so you need it to be soft and comfortable. And inflatable kayaks are very comfortable to sit when you can ride down the river or simply you are fishing.

How to inflate your kayak:

It will be your smart step to prepare your kayak properly before using it. So, plan some time for doing it.

• Before removing the kayak for inflating it, remove it from the bag or box to make sure that there is no issue with your boat. Ensure that your kayak will have a good longer life.
• You need to mount things like rudders, skegs, footrests and seats. Follow the manufacturer’s guide regarding inflating and assembling of the kayak.
• Pump with the hand pump which is really easy and takes less time. The foot pump is also good but takes more time. You can fill the air quickly if you have a larger pump.
So, these are few steps to follow if you want to prepare your kayak for the best performance.

How to prepare yourself before riding your inflatable kayak:
It sounds interesting that you are simply playing with the waves while riding your inflatable kayak, isn’t it? Well, it’s good to prepare health before take part in any outdoor actitivities . The same goes for an inflatable kayak too. Before you ride a kayak, try to prepare yourself properly doing some light exercises. Check whether you are fit for this adventurous ride or not.

• Sportsmen are very fit and thus they are perfect for this ride.
• The adventure lovers also keep good info regarding fitness when they step up for a new adventure.
• The general people who don’t have any idea about this ride, they need to do some body warming light exercises to make themselves fit for this kayak ride.

Safety precautions:
As with every recreational activity, there is always the possible chance of injury, you are recommended to use your common sense and follow the safety precautions. Most importantly, wear your personal floatation device, i.e. life vest. Wearing your life vest will help you keep your head above the water so that it can add insulation to your body and keep yourself warmer in the cold water. Bring one that is highly suitable and fits you well and wear it whenever you paddle.

On Kayak with floating Vest
On Kayak with floating Vest, source:

How to position and balance yourself while riding an inflatable kayak:
If you are riding the kayak solo, then you are recommended to sit in the middle of the kayak to keep your balance while riding.

• Keep your lower back and stomach relaxed. Keep your eye focused on the horizon to ensure the balance.
• Get the support from the water itself. Slap the water surface with your paddle blade’s backside.

Using the paddle effectively:

kayak paddling position
(Right position for the paddle, Source:

There are 3 prime paddling techniques which are important to know when you start riding – 1) forward paddle, 2) reverse paddle, and 3) turning the kayak. Learning these three tactics will help you make a smooth transition while riding an inflatable kayak with fun.

Hope with what we suggest, Outdoor Trip with Inflatable Kayaks might be a good option for any adventure travels . If you still have any questions, just give us the comment.

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