How to get lucky when fly fishing, Guide for beginners?

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For so many people, fishing is one of the best way to relax & live in harmony with nature. Today, fishing has become a very popular sport as well as outdoor activities as it’s easy to prepare, suitable & safe for anyone.

The question is how to make the fish catch your bait as much as possible? How to get lucky in each Fishing day to have more fishes? This post which based on my experience guide you the best tips to attract fish for you.

Fishing Passion 

The fist tip is that you should have passion on this pleasure activity. When you have passion on it, you can learn tip so quickly, then it forms their own experience. They can try so many ways to make the fish bite the bait. 

Of course, for the first times,they also experienced with many failures, and get disappoited when there’re no fish caucht on fishing day, but with the love on fishing, they would easy to learn it quickly to catch more fishes.

See the float to know the fish has caught the bait

The fact, for some experient fisher, by viewing the float moving they can guess whether it is a real fish, big or just small fish. Wow, can you believe that? But it’s alway true. For very small fishes, the float just move gently, but with big fish, the float would move definitively.

river fishing
See the fish habit to have successful fishing day

 There’re 4 seasons in year: spring, summer, fall, winter. And in each season, there is only some type of fish. And you have to learn this tip for specific type of fish. For example, Salmon are characterized by an upstream fish that breeds in freshwater, migrating to the sea, and then returning to freshwater to reproduce.  Most salmon follow the pattern of migratory fish that swim upstream to reproduce, during which they often hunt & eat the bait a lot and grow up in salt water. And we know this to find the best season and where to fish them.

Explore the type of bait for each fish

This tip is so important, if you know this you can get success from fishing. For some fish spieces they love diferent baits, most of them are omnivorous and be attracted by insects. Then you can prepaire some bait like small shrimp, small frog… is okay. And have you tried suitable fishing lures to change your luck for fishing?




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