Free Guide for Spearfishing

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Deep under the sea water, listing with various types of fish. So how to hunt them in funny, easy & interesting ways? The concept of Spearfishing may sound little new to you. Does it? In simple words, it is a thrilling way to catch fresh fish and then eating it. Jokes apart, you may be thinking that standing in the middle and throwing a line sound to be a passive activity. This is certainly not the case with this kind of fish hunting and here is a free guide for Spearfishing that you can use if you are a beginner.

Let’s Explore the fun of Spearfishing?
Spearfishing is a way to get closer to your primal self and also get involved with the ecosystem. You play the role of a predator and prey a specific species of fish. It helps you develop a strong concentration and you notice that you have more observant.

There are quite a lot of benefits of Spearfishing like it is the first interesting, funny, relieve from stress and good for your health and it actually keeps in the best of your health. Then again, it gets you involved with the habitat of a fish and most importantly you feel connected to nature.

There is more to this like:
• You get fresh fish that you can enjoy as a meal
• Spearfishing is lot of exercise and you lose a lot of weight, in fact you have to keep in shape
• It makes you more attentive because of the intensity
• It seems like a meditation because of the breathing methods
• The process feels like flying and that makes it more adventurous
Tips & Techniques
This Free guide for Spearfishing is all about sharing some basic tips with my readers. I thought it to be a necessity to help you with some basic techniques of catching a fish.
• Proper investment on right gear needed will always enhance the performance of your Spearfishing
• It’s rather an enthusiastic sport activity, so you make sure your mind and body has to be in a right shape to enjoy this at fullest. Be a regular swimmer.
• For underwater Spearfishing you need to fight with buoyancy rather gravity so put weight belt around your waist.
• Crawling which is also known as stalking is the best way to set eyes on your prey
• You must study the location, weather, types of sea properly before you go for this adventure.
• Keep in mind that fishes near shore line are more cautious
• Take cover among rocks and move stealthily with your hands even when you stop hide under something to camouflage yourself. While on the surface make sure that the snorkel at no cost should make bubbles as this alerts the fish of your presence
• Choose the mask appropriately so as to keep your body moving without stress while diving.
• Hunting in the bottom, you need to keep your calm and be patient
• As the years go by, you will get a thorough understanding of the habitat of fishes
• Shallow water fish hunting means you need to be careful with your breathing as fishes comprehend vibrations (like rubbing of suits, breathing and bubbles) very well
• It has been observed that most fishes get active by dawn and their energy sinks down by 9 A.M.
How should you start for spearfishing for first time?
You should learn how a speargun works, how to load a speargun, rope and rubber as well as the position to point the gun. Learn what types of speargun fit the type of fish. You dare to shoot the big fish with a little speargun, no no; the fish will pull both you and speargun.

Best shot to kill the fish?

The answer is headshot; which mean the spear goes through the head of fish, then it wouldn’t move any more.  Fish have a line of nerves along both sides of their bodies called the lateral lines. They use them to feel vibrations in the water. It’s an extra sense all fish have. That nerves of the lateral lines connect directly to the spine all along the length of the fish. It looks like a doted line. See the diagrams below. Arrow marks the lateral line and ‘X’ marks the ideal shot. “X” position might be the best shot, you need to move closer and be ralaxed before pull the trigger.

bestshot for spearfishing
Best shot for spearfishing, source:

How to load a speargun?

Load a speargun require experience & do it in right way. Notice that Never load your gun out of the water. You should practice pulling back the rubbers note how far back the notches are and remove the shaft to prevent accidental loading

How to load a speargun


Important gears
This is another important part that I felt essential to be added to this guide because most beginners would not know what to invest in. They can easily get carried away with different things, but I would like you to stick to the basics. So, here is a list of what all you should get to start with:

1. License – Yes, you need a license to fish and Spearfishing is very unique an idea so all the more you need to get one to fish. You can get all the information from your local lifeguards and fisherman supply shops about all this.

2. Dive buddy – This is an imperative and don’t miss out on this as you need to go with somebody may be more experienced than you are right now. This person can play the role of a guide as well as a trainer.

3. Speargun – Get a simple one if you are just starting out and upgrade as you get skilled in the game. There is a plethora of spearguns that you can choose from these days. Let’s choose the best spearguns… Click here

4. Wetsuit – A wetsuit not only maintains the temperature of your body but also keeps you safe from unknown underwater elements. In addition to this, these suits are specially designed for Spearfishing as they have built in pads to carry a speargun along with.

5. Other accessories – This includes the following:

• A snorkel and a mask to breathe and see clearly underwater
• Fins ensure that your feet remain protected
• Gloves to keep your hands safe
• Booties that act as a shield in between your fins and feet
• A knife that may be used to cut loose when entangled
• A weight belt can be yet another addition to this list as it maintains your buoyancy

Safety tips
Since this free guide for Spearfishing is about everything a new fish hunter would like to know, so I thought it to be wise to include this section as well. Just remember a few safety tips that might help you in the long run, especially if you are a novice in Spearfishing. Always try to kayaking, snorkeling or swimming in groups and make sure that one of your group members is proficient in underwater rescue operations. Techniques like first aid and CPR are a few of the many things that he or she should know. You must be careful while shooting and more importantly while you will go for group expedition. I would like to add another thing here is if you are going for long hunting expeditions, then always take safety buoys along with you. Now what? Go follow the rules and start fishing!

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