Best Reasons why you should paddle Kayak for Travel & Sport

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The popularity of kayaks in adventure travel & tours has risen due to a number of things. They are nowadays more accessible in the popular marine parks, most of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites and hence you are assured of your safety. Kayak adventures are now more affordable, to an extent that you can even take your family for a kayak vacation.

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A kayak tour takes vacationers away from the hustles and bustles of the industrial world, into the beautiful sceneries of the wilderness along the waterways of your destination. The quietness of the kayaks leaves you with the freedom to communicate comfortably with your partners, without the need to shout like in the case where you have to compete with the noise of an engine boat. Kayaks are not so conspicuous to wildlife and hence you won’t scare away part of the nature that you need to enjoy in your tour. You can get as close as you want as long as it will be safe.

The design of a kayak is advantageous when it comes to performance and maneuverability. With its stability and simplicity of paddling you will access beaches effortlessly. You will even visit inlets that normal boats won’t reach. it has a sizeable carrying capacity that will enable you to carry a few collections that nature gives you. A kayak will give you more than a camping experience. We have an article & give touring kayaks on sales as well; hope you can choose the best.

Are the Kayaks Safe?

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Kayaks are very safe when you understand the techniques of using one in your vacation as well as read throught all advices from professional kayakers. Modern kayaks are made from strong material such as fiberglass, inflatable PVC, plastic and rubber to name just a few. They are hence strong enough to hold the weight and move you around without the fear of water leakage and sinking. The design is also meant to ensure that the kayaks are light for ease of use.

You can enjoy all the thrills of an adventure on your kayak when you have a guide and who will assist you to get the most out of your vacation. Safety in the use of a kayak will require a person who understands the best weather to be out there paddling in the waters. Wind and the conditions of the waters will determine how easy it will be to paddle as you travel around.

Unless you have been to a camping site before and you understand the surroundings well, you will need the guide for optimum enjoyment so that he or she can take you to locations with strategic wildlife viewpoints. They will also advice you on how far you can paddle into the water bodies to avoid getting lost or pulled away by waves.

Safety Measures While Kayaking

Even with the presence of the guides, you ought to ensure that you are safe in case of any happening. That’s why you should carry some safety equipment with you, and the main one is a floatation device like a life vest. You actually should have it on at all times when you are out there in the waters. Even if the waters are calm, you still need to wear it. The vests are comfortable on your body and so you won’t have to worry about your peace of mind. They are lightweight and will feel almost like part of your clothing.

Vacationers who aren’t good at swimming will therefore have the peace of mind with a life jacket on. The spray-skirts on the opening of the kayak’s cockpit ensure the water doesn’t splash in and soak your clothes. Before you faster the spray-skirt you will have to be sure that you can simply detach it fast when you are underwater for obvious reasons. You should avoid it if you aren’t sure whether you can free yourself in a matter of seconds while in panic mode.

Use dry bags for your commodities that you are planning to bring along such as a camera, when you are to use the kayak without the spray-skirt. You need to keep them dry and safe.

Is it possible for the first time to paddle a kayak?
Let’s say you have succeeded in getting yourself a fine Kayak. After much stress, you were able to drag it home with your car. Now you are wondering how you are going to paddle the kayak for the first time after getting familiar with the basics. It is also expected that you were able to purchase everything you needed to make a complete kayak gear. As a beginner, what you basically need for your first paddling experience is a kayak, a paddle, a floating device (for emergencies) and proper clothing. There are definitely other useful gears, but since it’s just your first attempt, you will not really them.
Before you paddle for the first time, it is very important for you to understand the weather forecast and the water in front of you. At least, this will give you an idea of what to expect as you plunge into the open water and also help you avoid getting into trouble. It is advisable to choose an area with less obstacles instead of the open sea. Avoid dodgy and rocky spots, water falls, damns, harbour mouths, large both traffic areas and stormy waters. If you are not sure about a particular place, you can always ask for guidance from an experienced paddler.

How to paddle a kayak the right way?
If you don’t want to end up flipping upside down, then you must learn how to paddle your kayak the right way. What you will basically need to paddle as a beginner is your blades square, although more experienced paddlers usually opt for feathered paddle. There are different padding techniques you can learn and master at the early stages. However, it may help to just stick with one that is convenient for you, since you are just starting out. However, it will help to keep few things in mind. A short paddle produces a faster and shorter stroke, while a long one will produce a longer stroke. Relax your hands as you prepare to make each paddle. Remember to sit uprightly with your knees well balanced bent in a footrest position. Try to walk out each stroke with your whole body, not just your hands. Start slow and progress afterwards as you get a better feel of the paddle.

Kayaking with dog & for fishing
Having your dog on board can make your kayaking experience much more fun. However, before going for such expedition, you must make sure both you and your dog are prepared to ride along with each other.

kayaking with dog
Kayaking with dog, Source:

First you should make sure your dog is well behaved and can comfortably travel on water. An unruly dog can cause a lot of chaos unexpectedly.
What about you? Are you experienced enough to paddle a kayak with a dog on board. While riding with a dog is good move, it is not a good idea for a beginner with little kayaking experience. You have to do a lot of kayaking and angle movements before you are ready to ride with your dog. When you are finally able to make the trip, make sure you have safety on hand.

Kayaking for fishing

If you ever decide to fish with a kayak, then you are thinking in the right direction. Just like boats, you can also fish with a kayak. Kayak fishing can be so much fun with a good reward if you are able figure your way around it. They even seem to offer more fishing possibilities than the methods you are probably used to. This is because, unlike a boat, kayaks are not easily “noticed” by a fish. Therefore, you can make a lot of catch if you really understand the water. However, you might need to get a fishing kayak if you really want to make this activity worthwhile.

How about Kayak Tours ?
Kayak Tours offers a great way to explore the wonders of nature. A simple trip will enable you get a panoramic view of some wonderful places around especially parks, sea caves, mountains, coastlines and Sea Islands. There is no better way to have an experience of a lifetime. You can check in your local areas for popular kayak tour arrangements.
What you need for each kayak tour depend on the nature of the trip. For first timers, the requirements aren’t usually much. It is expected that all the gear you will need for the journey will be provided by the agency you choose. However, you need to dress properly for the tour. It is also good to take water along with you in order to stay hydrated especially during summer. Try and go along with a camera so that you can take pictures and share your paddling experience with others.

Why The Kayaks Are Good For General Health?

Kayaks are great for exercises and so, not only for real feeling of adventure travel, also for office people who are used to spending almost the whole day seated in a chair behind a desk will enjoy exercising their bodies as they enjoy the beautiful views of the nature. You may want to go and relax your body on the beach, but you can do better with the little energy you have remaining is you plan to go for a kayak tour. It will take you longer to reenergize your body by relaxing on the beach that it will if you keep your body active.

You should enjoy the activity you have chosen and being on vacation, you will enjoy a kayak vacation that will keep you active all through. The good thing about this type of exercise is that your mind will not tire like in the case of doing stretches in a gym. You just want to move around and experience more in your vacation. For those who keep their bodies fit in other ways such as sporting, jogging and visiting the gym, paddling a kayak will give them a different feel of keeping their bodies fit.

Kayak vacations aren’t costly at all. You simply need to research about the best holiday destination where they offer camping and kayak activities. Using one won’t be a problem because you will probably have a guide and an instructor to take you through the initial steps to learning how to kayak. Within a short time, you will be enjoying paddling around as you explore the beautiful views that nature has to offer.

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