In simple words speargun is a firing arm that helps you catch a fish or other animals underwater. It is also known as a scuba gun and they have a trigger mechanism that they run on. Spearguns are used for spearfishing, a few use it for a living, can be used for snorkeling and underwater for target shooting and other can use the same as a thrilling adventurous sport.

These guns differ in make a little according to countries, but as far as the purpose is concerned, it remains somewhat the same as explained in this Premium Guide to buy a good speargun. The demand of it in rising side and in these years & it’s going to be one of weapon to look for. Let’s explore more about this 

Type of speargun
There are two types of speargun that you primarily need to know about. They are as follows:
• Rubber powered – This is a cheaper resource, also known as band powered and is easy to be found in most fisherman supply shops. These are of two types in turn, one is made from wood and the other is made from metals. Now this type is popular for using under water.

• Air powered – Most popularly known as a Pneumatic gun that were quite a rage in the 60’s through 70’s. This kind of a gun has a thicker spear that uses a combination of pressure and rubber band for shooting.


Is speargun safe for user?
While bearing a weapon of any kind, you need to keep them safe as a responsible arm owner. You need to keep it under control and know when to pull the trigger. Never point it at something that you never wish to kill and also remember to stay away from bigger species like sting ray and electric eel if using it underwater.

In this post, we’d like to suggest you the Best speargun with Reviews that help you to choose a good one to hunt the fish. Hope you have interesting time & real experience with spearfishing
We have curated a few of the spearguns under scanner for you, read this section till the end to get a fair understanding about these weapons.

(1) AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

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There is nothing new that we can say about a Biller speargun because there is already is a lot noise regarding that. It is a leading manufacturer of spearguns and they produce premium merchandise only. This Illinois based company manufactures pole spears, spear points and spearguns. Their quality is unsurpassed and they have what it takes to generate innovative products.
The Mahogany series is a series of hardwood spearguns that not look attractive but also deliver what they claim. Most of the users have found it to be an excellent product from Billers without any doubts about it. What more you get into the bargain is a choice of woods like Teak, Mahogany and Padauk. Not to forget, that wood spearguns are the choice of the champions. Use it to exploit in clear or limited visibility waters and swim fast in between the rocks with this speargun, as you can enjoy a lot with this weapon.
• Extremely good looking speargun
• You get a list of choices to select from, like shooting from 6 feet to 15 feet spearguns
• The shaft is made up of stainless steel
• That certainly makes the gun to be hard-wearing
• Biller knows how to add a finish to their guns like using linseed oil whenever necessary
• Easily available at leading online retailers
Some customers have said that they missed fishes while using the Mahogany Special, but we ask of them if this is the gun’s fault, if at all. These reviewers did not make it clear as to how is the speargun responsible for all this. Since, this inconclusive an argument, we deduce that this firearm is good to go.

(2)Hammerhead Proteus Spearguns (Reels Not Included)

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• The barrel of this gun is fully railed and coupled with Helix power band. This property helps to bring in versatility, adaptability and capability.
• The handle of the gun is preoccupied with a safety line release. It is built with a clip that allows for tagging up to the line. It helps for clipping on a fish brace.
• A variety of shaft and spearhead combination helps perfect and limited shooting
• By dint of the Hammerhead Proteus, the rapid fire single band load is effective and shooting needs no wrapping
• This product can be auto-upgraded to the next level
• The handle, despite being provided with safety catch, have been reported against of causing severe problems while handling
• Safety catch reel is reported as not included

(3)Rob Allen Vecta Tuna Aluminum Barrel Speargun for Diving and Spearfishing

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• This gun offers a powerful, fast and well balanced rig. This helps to hunt fish at deeper length
• These Spearguns have an extended rail incorporated into the aluminium barrel that helps the build up with some ultimate strength
• The rail-barrels have the same dimensions as carbon barrels. Thus, the integral has become a part of the barrel and increases stiffness, reduces flex. This phenomenon has made the gun fiercely accurate.
• Depending on the application, these guns have been reported to work well on various occasions
• The heaviness of the guns is helpful to absorb more recoil and thus the effectiveness is also enhanced.
• The aluminium barrel gets heated fast and thus cause problem in handling
• Safety catch reel is not perfectly loaded as reported.

(4)JBL Sawed-Off Magnum Woody Speargun

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• The product is equipped with JBL’s revolutionary M-8, three-piece trigger mechanism. With compound leverage design and stainless component has made it strongest weapon.
• The trigger mechanism facilitates a smooth and effortless trigger pull.
• It is said that shooting with this weapon is like pointing followed shooting and eating.
• The handle is made with 45o ergonomic and affluent design and hex pattern. Such a design and pattern increases grip control and accuracy.
• This featured product is all excellent for a starter and helps to practice shooting below water with eased effort.
• The wood in the barrel has been reported to have crack after using for a long time. According to reviewers, this is probably a long-drawn negativity in this excellently made weapon.
• With this gun too, safety catch reel is said to cause problems at times.

(5) AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

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As we have already mentioned it that Biller is a company to look up to, the present product is no exception to this. This company alone can provide you with so much of variety but they never compromise on the quality. The Stainless Steel Professional is a great product to start with. You all know that a speargun has to be light in weight because unless you are a well built person, a heavy weight gun will be of no use to you. Besides, investing in the wrong size gun can ruin your fishing experience indubitably.
Spearos like the Stainless Steel Professional because it has a trigger and grip mechanism that can work in sync and produce great results. This is a smooth working speargun and you can use this underwater as well as shore hunting. Yes, this is a versatile gun that knows no limits. More to the point would be to say that this is a gem of a gun that can be used in any climate. Here is more on this:
• Suave looking speargun
• The stainless shaft makes it hardy enough
• Has a muzzle top that is easy to load
• It comes equipped and is ready to use right out of the box
• It has been considered a blessing for good long shots
One thing that we would like to urge our readers is that of, to learn speargun first and then jump into the water. There are quite a few that have complained about the gun being flimsy underwater. We are unaware, what that even means. Nonetheless, we request our readers to learn it and then try diving into the waters.

(6) SALVIMAR V-Pro Speargun with Reel

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It has been rightly named the Voodoo, because of the enticing neon green handle. This Arbalete Speargun has been made out of aeronautical grade aluminum and has been given an anodized coating. There is no need of explaining of how well made this gun is and its users don’t have to worry for rusting. It is counted for high mechanical performance and it has a sensitive trigger that is micro metrically designed. Now, doesn’t all this sound mesmerizing? As a matter of fact, it does and you cannot stop yourself from falling for it, if you are into water sports.
Okay, a little about the shaft is made from stainless steel (174ph) that can hold multiple bands. This makes it a strapping weapon that can be used for any kind of water activity. It has an ergonomic handle and that is why it is called a wonder product. It has been engineered carefully to meet all the demands of a professional sportsman as well as that of a newcomer.
• Really suave looking speargun
• Easy to handle and grip
• The shaft is very beefy to move up
• Works on line mechanism
• The reel is included in the package and is 50 meters long
• Has a safety catch that makes the speargun worth
The only problem area that a few have complained against is the sharkfin area. They are made up of wires that do not look very beneficial to some. This is one thing that this speargun lacks but it is manageable again according to some. Like we always say, it depends on your needs and the kind of catch you will be making is most important here.

(7)Hammerhead Evolution 2 HI-Bred Speargun

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According to Charles Darwin, isolation creates a new opportunity for creativity, a perfect fusion of natural beauty with precision manufactured 21st-century technology. The Evolution 2 HI-Bred is created from hand shaped; solid stock Mahogany wood merged to the rugged and durable Evolution 2 Handle. It sets up with two band holes and rail track the length of the gun. It is quite easy to use, and safe. All of these features have come in mind with the Helix band system. Allowing for easy removal for storage, replacing bridges, while keeping safe are valued fingers and knuckles. The price range of this item is in between $ 444.00 – $ 516.00
• Power X-change bands with nylon coated Dyneema wishbones and bridles Pistol grip.
• Open Muzzle, One Piece Mahogany.
• Stainless Sideline release. Reverse Trigger Mechanism available.Mono shooting line, loading pad, bungee, & safety grip.
• Precision-machined 17-4 Heat-Treat Stainless Steel Shafts
• .All standard features are available.
• This speargun is handmade.
• This item is primarily designed for beginners.
• A few users have found the price tag to be little dear but a quality speargun that has all the features to go hunting will come for the price.
• Some complaint about the upgrades as to why do they need Hammerhead Evolution 2 only. Buying upgrades from the same company mean they come with quality assurance.

(8) Riffe Competitor Series Teak Speargun

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Riffe manufactures spearguns of hardwood and these guns in general are good fo both entry level aspirants as well as experienced users. It can be upgraded for use by an expert and its side mounted loading makes it safe for use by a novice. The Competitor series is made up of teak with a laminated finish and that makes the speargun a gorgeous weapon to start with. It is ideal to be used along with reefs, bottom diving and holes as well.
Moreover, this Riffe is well known for its stainless trigger and heavy duty ABS plastic handle. The bands are abrasion resistant that makes shooting through the rocks an effortless task. There is more to this model and they are as follows:
• The speargun is very attractive to look at
• The best part about this weapon is that it is available in Hawaiian as well
• It has a standard set up
• Automatic spring loading makes it convenient to load on the side
• The red colored urethane butt makes it comfortable to load
• The shooting line is made up of nylon which enables shooting fast
• Has 3 bands and 2 line wraps that helps you with long shooting
• Bands have more power and if you want to take longer shots, then you are recommended to get heavier shafts to achieve your goals
One thing that some Riffe users have complained about is the products being big-ticket. If you want quality with precision, then you will have to shell out a few more extra dollars for sure. If you get guaranteed excellence with a product, anyone on this planet would prefer paying a little more for sure.

(9) Riffe Mahogany Competitor Series Speargun

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As mentioned earlier, Riffe is popular for its good looking guns with pure wood finish. This Mahogany Competitor Series is no exception this and the sheer fact that it uses mahogany wood stock makes it a well admired speargun. Very clearly, this replaces the Padauk Competitor Series and by far has been successful in doing so. This is made up dense grain and requires no lamination at all. Not to mention, that this can be used by a beginner as well as a professional with equal ease.
In addition, to all this, this speargun is good hunt along holes, reefs, kelp patties, alongside the seafloor and round the rocks. It comes with ease of loading and if you want long shots, then you must get heavier shafts. Here is more on this:
• Has same stainless trigger mechanism
• Automated side loading that has a spring safety
• Expect to get reinforced muzzle, one that can be bolted
• The red colored butt of urethane is comfortable to load
• Available in only Hawaiian setup
• The monofilament is made up of nylon and is abrasion resistant that makes it faster to shoot
• The handle is made up of heavy duty plastic
A few users have found the price tag to be little dear but a quality speargun that has all the features to go hunting will come for price. As for those that know, appreciate the fact that a gun is actually available for this price. Some complain about the upgrades as to why do they need to be Riffe only. Buying upgrades from the same company means they come with quality assurance.

Do you care about relating product for spear fishing?

 Scuba Choice 5′ One Piece Spearfishing

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This is a pole spear that comes with its own features and is a marvel product according to most users. It is a good pole spear that is available for an affordable price. It is 5 feet long, the pole is made from fiber glass and stainless steel build, bard tip is 12 inches long. That makes it rust free and you can live in peace about investing in a spear that is of low maintenance. That is pretty much about it but many customers have praised it for much more than this and we will be discussing all that in a while from now.
What we needed to add to this description is that, it can catch both small and large fish. The black rubber sling is positioned in the crook that is near to the users thumb for easy release. This implies that the spear pole has been ergonomically made and can do wonders while playing your sport.
• Has a clean and suave look
• It is a simple device
• This suggests it has no learning curve, but yes you need to know spearfishing
• Easy to carry
• Low on maintenance
• It is heavier than aluminum and carbon fiber owing to its fiber glass build
• It is considered to be a boon for catching large fishes
A handful of users want the pole to be longer, well you can extend it always. Another fact, that we have noticed is that some customers do not know how to assemble it. In case, you don’t then we would recommend you to seek professional help instead of bad mouthing the product.

7. 5/8in(16mm) Speargun Band with Stainless Steel V Wishbone and Black or Amber Primeline Rubber (Select Length and Color)

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Gone are the days when people were bound to buy speargun bands from local fisherman supplies shops only. These days you get them online and what makes it more exciting is that you get them in different colors. That certainly describes our next product called the Speargun Band with Stainless Steel and it comes with a ubber primeline. What makes it different is the availability of the primeline in amber and black. Now, that sounds pretty good if you are looking to add a dash of color to your speargun.
The best part about this band is that they are purely US made and not cheap duplicates. It has been documented that these rubber bands are of the finest quality that can retain freshness in the best possible ways. The V shape of the wishbone makes it convenient for users and its stainless steel construction keeps it free from rusting. It is compatible with most of the leading brands like JBL, AB Biller and more. Most users are happy to utilize these burly bands as they are genuinely nice.
• The band is of 1.75 inches in length
• The rubber tubing diameter is of 5/8inches ± 0.020inches
• The tensile strength has been recorded to be of 3500 min
• You get them in a variety of colors
• The wishbone is 6inches and 2.5mm of stainless steel
A few people complain that these bands are small but the manufacturer has clearly mentioned it all, yet if some miss to read them, then that is a problem. You need to read the instructions clearly and then buy a product. This does not bring down the image of this product as that is a personal view.

 Mounchain Camo Wetsuits Mens

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This is a perfect wetsuit that can be used for snorkeling, surfing, diving, spearfishing and any other water activity that you can think of. Why so? This suit is made from neoprene (80%) and nylon (20%) but is highly waterproof. It can keep you warm and provides for a camouflage underwater for any activity that you may undertake.
This two piece wetsuit has more to it than what may look like and we have included here on this list owing to many factors. The 3MMneoprene not only provides thermal protection, but also keeps you safe from jellies, sea lice and other biological irritants. This means it keeps you secured in all inclusive way and you can read through the following discussion to get a fair idea as to what it is:
• Nice camouflage design
• Can be used for topside and underwater activities
• Gives you protection from UV rays
• Additionally, it provides you with full body protection from harmful irritants and dangerous aquatic species
• Easy to slip on because of the neoprene
• It is a flexible wetsuit because the armpit is super stretchy
• It is a comfortable wetsuit to wear
• Keeps you warm all through your diving
• Comes with 40 days money back guarantee
A few users have complained that this wetsuits is not good for diving into cooler waters. Well, don’t we all know that 3MM is not the choice for 15 degrees Celsius? The suit comes with clear instruction of being a 3MM and there are no doubts about it. Why crib if you still buy it knowing that you will be using in colder conditions? That makes no much sense at all.

 Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Free diving Mask

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In order to clearly see through after taking that plunge, you need to wear a scuba mask. It helps you maintain dryness and most importantly keeps a check on the health of your eye. The Cressi Scuba gives you an array of colors to choose from and what makes it a good choice is that it is light in weight. It has a no frame design that makes it lightweight. The soft silicone mouth piece is flexible and is a boon for professionals.
Water is a magnifier and normal sized fishes and aquatic plants make look bigger and light bends the through water. This Cressi Scuba mask can be a relief for all these and helps you see accurately in water. It is popular with underwater photographers, hunters and divers alike. You can find a lot more about this mask right here, keep reading.
• Smart looking scuba mask
• Available in vibrant colors
• Has a broader field of view
• It has a low volume design
• It can fit kids and adults very well
• It fits into your BC pocket without much of a difficulty
• It is submersible dry mask
• The top remains dry and eliminates water to penetrate any further (like into your eyes)
A few users have complained that the mask gets foggy, but then there are some who have an instant solution for this. The solution lies in using anti fog spray that will take care of this problem. Using it can help you preserve your mask and make it last longer as well. Consider mask to be indispensable if you are planning to dive into the water any time in the near future.

How to use a speargun?
The point is, treat your speargun as a weapon and then you will know there is not much difference in handling it and any other firearm. You need to be cautious, practical, tactical and responsible while carrying a weapon. That still holds right and yes, in this case too they remain to be the basic details that you need to follow. There is more to how to use a speargun indeed and they have been documented in the following pointers:
• Always point the muzzle of the speargun in a safe direction, i.e. away from animals, humans and anything that you don’t to shoot
• Never keep your finger on the trigger as it may cause fatal accidents
• The best way to handle a firearm is to think that it is loaded at all times
• Make sure that you load it underwater and never on land
• Again, load them on your chest and not on your hip
• This is because you will find pulling the rubber bands towards your chest to be easier
• It is much more comfortable with a wetsuit on
• Ensure that nothing untargeted is standing as an obstruction in your way when you fire
• The biggest challenge in underwater Spearfishing is adjusting the height of the target object and quick measurement of the real and apparent height difference and shoots accordingly.

Take notice of these few things to make it a flowing experience for you underwater. We also have an article called free guide for spearfishing as well as tips & techniques, click here to view it



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