Best Spearfishing Wetsuits Reviews For Spearman

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For some professional spearmen, wetsuite is a very important part that help to protect you underwater. In this post, we’d like to suggest you the best wetsuits with reviews and giving the buying guide. Never mind, as we just told you that, so if you are ready to take a plunge and determined to buy the Best Wetsuit For Spearfishing then read on to know more.

How to choose the Best Wetsuit For Spearfishing?
Yes, you need a good wetsuit to protect you from harm coming your way and a wetsuit can take care of that. Hence, you must extra attention to these suits while buying them. Follow our guidelines for purchasing a wetsuit for spearfishing for best results.
a) Thickness – This is an essential factor while selecting the Best Wetsuit For Spearfishing for sure. You can go for a thickness of 3 mm (for tropical) to 7 mm (for cold) temperatures ranging in between 10 to 18°C. For a range between 16 to 24°C, 5 mm thickness is considered alright.

b) Material – Neoprene happens to be a good idea as that is durable and offers you thermal protection. You could choose from open cell, which is smooth and the plush neoprene that is easy to put on.

c) Camouflage – You get to make a choice from varied colors that can assimilate with the surroundings underwater. Colors like green, blue, brown and grey do down well, as they do not raise an alarm and you can hunt freely without scaring your prey.
Maintenance of Wetsuit For Spearfishing
Maintaining a wetsuit is not going to take a toll on you, provided you know the right ways of doing so, like:
a) Make sure that you do not make cuts while donning a wetsuit as the material is thick and can cut into skin
b) Do not place these suits near hot surfaces
c) While swimming underwater, you must take care that your suit does not get snagged by rocks or any sharp objects, as this will puncture into your suit
d) Unzip carefully while taking it off
e) Dry your wetsuit after a swim and wash them off with fresh water to maintain flexibility

Best Quality Wetsuit for Spearfishing we sugest you in this post.


Mounchain Wetsuit:

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The Mounchain wetsuit is an exclusive performance enhancing wetsuit which is just ideal for almost any kind of water sport adventures such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming to include the least. The high quality material is made up of 80 percent neoprene and 20 percent nylon and is completely waterproof. The material not only acts a defense against harmful sun rays, cold water, high water pressure, and external biological irritants but is also quite comfortable to wear. This is the best wetsuit in terms of a two piece design which has a natural fit and minimum drag underwater.
 SEAC Kobra Wetsuit

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The SEAC Kobra Wetsuit jacket and hi-waist pants are a perfect companion for scuba diving. The open cell neoprene material with abrasion resistance, along with a 2mm thickness makes it perfect for warm water diving. The suit flaunts a camouflage design and has anatomical cuts which perfectly fits on the body for a comfortable feel. The seams are double stitched and the interior is glued to prevent any kind of exterior infiltration. This is one of the best wetsuit in terms of safety, providing sternum protection, rubber coated elbow and knee reinforcements and an integrated hood. The whole package is available in a number of sizes from small to 3X large.

Sea Sports Wetsuit:

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The Sea Sports wetsuit is one of the most economical wetsuit available in the market. It has a 3mm thickness perfect for scuba diving for early entrants. The camouflage design with a back zip adds to the design element and the reinforced stitching adds to the quality and longevity of this suit. It has perfect seem lines for a comfortable fit. This is one of the best wetsuit in terms of safety with high quality chest loading pad, coccyx pad and Kevlar reinforced knee pads. All this quality standards along with an economical price point makes it a perfect choice for first time users.

 Realon Spearfishing Wetsuit:

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The Realon wetsuit is one of the best wetsuit for people who are into scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and spearfishing among other water sports. It has a 3mm thickness which is perfect for warm and cold water alike. The Yamamoto neoprene which is used in this wetsuit is not only ultra-durable but follows global quality standards. The internals are glued and seems double stitched to prevent external infiltration. The suit comes in two piece set, a jacket and a long john, out of the box. Chest and knee pads are available for added safety.

 Camo Wetsuits Mens 3mm with Super-stretch Armpit

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The Dick 1988 wetsuit is made out of advanced fabric material which helps in quick drying and increased swimming speed. The base layer is smooth and seamless, enabling the user to easily slip in the wetsuit. The material is made out of 80 percent Neoprene and 20 percent nylon and is 3mm thick. This thickness protects against sea lice, jellies and other harmful external elements. The suit not only protects from deadly sun rays but also provides warmth in colder conditions to keep an optimal body temperature. This is one of the best wetsuit in terms of ease of use.

 Isafish Spearfishing Wetsuit:

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The Isafish wetsuit is one of the most comfortable and the best wetsuit in the market. It is made out of soft neoprene material which is lightweight but strong enough to sustain abrasions. The suit helps in keeping warm under water and also protect from direct sun rays. The material used in the wetsuit is of great quality and can sustain high water pressure. It’s a two piece comfortable design with super stretchable arm pit. The 3mm thickness acts as a defense against sea lice, jellies and other biological elements keeping the user safe.


 Spearfishing Wetsuit 3D Yamamoto Reef Camo

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The Mako Spearguns wetsuit is one of the best wetsuit you can find in the market. The suit is made of the finest quality Yamamoto neoprene material. With a 5mm thickness, this material is completely waterproof, protects both against hot and cold environments, external biological elements and other harsh conditions. The 3D reef printed pattern can make the user completely stealth underwater. The wetsuit has high quality knee pads and chest pad sewn in the suit and an integrated hood which keeps the user extra warm when required. The two piece suit has a knife pocket, wrist and ankle cuffs and a beaver tail with durable snaps.

Palantic Spearfishing Neoprene Camouflage Stretch Max 

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The Palantic wetsuit is a two piece farmer john style wetsuit. The material used in this suit is highly stretchable and proves to be quite comfortable for the user. This wetsuit provides adequate safety by use of reinforced knee pads. The suit is extremely light weight unlike it’s competition but the material used in the suit is of high quality and greater life. This is the best wetsuit in terms of protection against harsh conditions of any type including but not limited to cold, hot and abnormal environmental conditions, because of its 5mm thickness.

 SEAC Men’s Body-Fit  Neoprene Wetsuit

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The SEAC wetsuit is a one piece suit made from standard 1.5mm nylon. The suit has all the right cuts at the right angles making it comfortable to wear and keeping enough energy underwater. The smooth skin, wrist and ankle seal points minimizes water flushing, thus keeping the user warm and super dry. The highly durable tatex polyurethane protects the knee from any external elements. There is also an option of 2mm tape which provides protection to the chest and sternum from abrasions. This is the best wetsuit in terms of it’s camouflage design that can completely blend into the underwater environment.

 ML. Products Hunter Premium Wetsuit:

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The ML. Products‘s Hunter premium wetsuit is one of the best wetsuit in terms of build quality. The suit is made of premium quality neoprene and laminated nylon fabric making it durable, super stretchable, waterproof and comfortable. There are smooth cutting lines along the neck, armpits, biceps and elbow which makes it more comfortable to wear. The 3mm thickness helps keep the user safe against extreme temperatures and also against other biological irritants. The oceanic blue pattern print makes the wetsuit quite attractive to look at and seamlessly blends underwater.

Cressi Tracina Hunter Wetsuit:

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The Cressi Tracina Hunter wetsuit is one of the best wetsuit available in the market. Cressi is a popular Italian brand which is popular for it’s diving, snorkeling and swimming products. The suit is made of very soft open cell neoprene and is incredibly comfortable. The wetsuit is very flexible and has all the right cuts for a fitting feel. The knee and the shin area are reinforced for added safety. The camouflage color of the two piece suit makes the user almost undetectable underwater while maintaining better agility and comfort.

 Salvimar N.A.T Wetsuit:

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The Salvimar N.A.T wetsuit is one of the best wetsuit for it’s premium material quality and high safety standards. The two piece suit is made out of the best quality open cell neoprene which is soft, stretchable, waterproof and comfortable. The knees, elbows, sternum are reinforced with PuffGum for added safety. The camouflage patterns on this wetsuit is the best in it’s segment which not only makes it look attractive but also undetectable under water. The quality and the feel which this wetsuit provides at this price point makes a great deal for any buyer.

Cressi Morea Wetsuit:

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The Cressi Morea wetsuit is the best wetsuit in the world, in terms of it’s premium quality. The product comes from a Italian brand, Cressi which has been into this business since 1946. This is a one piece suit with a 3mm thickness providing adequate protection to the user. The wetsuit is quite stretchable ensuring free movements and less fatigue. The anatomical cuts at the right places makes it more comfortable to use under long hours. The chest, knee and shins are protected by high quality pads for providing the ultimate protection to the user.

 Peacoco Wetsuit:

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The Peacoco wetsuit is made from soft and luxurious lycra spandex and neoprene. This material provides extra warmth without sacrificing on the flexibility. The flat lock stitching reduces seam chafing adding to the comfort level. The 3mm thickness provides a defense wall against extreme temperatures and also other dangerous biological irritants. The wetsuit has an extra reach, extra long leash and a high quality YKK zipper. The zipper is backed with an inner neoprene gusset to avoid flushing and pinching. This is the best wetsuit for any type of water sports including but not limited to water diving, snorkeling and swimming.
The final thing that we would like to add here is of storage. That is you must store the Best Wetsuit For Spearfishing in the best ways. Remember, these wetsuits are heavy and the thinker, the heavier they would be. So, storing them like normal clothes is not an option. You can either lay them flat in your cupboard or hang them from hangers. However, you need special hangers for these, as ordinary hangers may not be able to bear the weight of these suits. You can get these hangers in the aftermarket easily. You must not let them crease and also avoid storing neoprene suits in a garage, the emissions will cause them more harm than you can think of.

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