Best Places for Mountain Biking Tour in the UK

Biking tour at Torridon, Scotland
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The United Kingdom is always blessed by the Mother Nature. England has some amazing mountain trails but picking out some of the bests among all is a rather tough job. Many of these trail centers have some facilities like car parking, food stalls, bike wash stalls and most importantly washrooms so that you can finish your mountain biking as easy as it can get.

But firstly, Let’s order a new Mountain bike among 15+ Best Mountain Bikes with UK Reviews
1. Nan Bield Pass, Lake District:

Biking tours at Nan Bield Pass, Lake District
The Lake District can be regarded as the Mecca for the mountain bikers as it perfect for the mountain biking lifestyle. The Nan Bield Pass biking train just starts from Staveley in North West England. In this expedition, you will encounter some amazing rocky trails along with some tough climbs. You may have to carry your bike over some loose, rocky, and steep terrain. The type of biking you have to do here is cross country biking while covering total 31kms of distance.
2. Torridon, Scotland:

Biking tour at Torridon, Scotland
Biking tour at Torridon, Scotland

Torridon is regarded as the most exhilarating mountain biking trail in Scotland. It is voted as the Best Trail of The Year by MBR magazine for two consecutive years. If you are an advanced level biker, you should come here and test your skills and your bike. It’s a 29 miles long super-tough riding if you take the long trail (Torridon Circuit)or you can opt for the shorter 14 miles trail (Beinn Damph Circuit) which are no less of a challenge. You will definitely be mesmerized by the serene landscape of the Drochaid Choire Lair trail in Torridon.
3. Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon Mountain Bike Trail, Wales:

Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon Mountain Bike
Snowdon Mountains and coasts are the superstars amongst the biking trails of the world. The mountain biking spot was introduced in the world in early 1990’s. The Rhyd Ddu trail is the toughest and the most technical natural mountain biking trail amongst all the Snowdon Mountain Trails. The total distance you have to cover in this trail is 24 km which starts as uphill but then you have to go downhill to the Snowdon Ranger Path. The starting of this route is from Llanberis. You have to go through all the steeps and pass a rocky narrow edge. You may have to carry your bike for sometimes. There are some restrictions on biking as well. From 10 AM to 5 PM from the first end of May to September Mountain biking is not allowed here.
4. Gisburn Forest, Lancashire, England:

Gisburn Forest, Lancashire, England
Gisburn forest mountain biking trail is one of the oldest mountain biking centers in the UK. The main trail of the Gisburn Forst Mountain is Stephen park trail. You can also take another trail which comes under the postal code BD23 4SQ which will lead you to Tosside, a nearby village with a community center with washroom, a bike shop pub and a car park. If you access the trails from Tosside, you have to start from the upper part of the 2 loops that form the “8” of the cross country biking. Actually, in Gisburn, there are three different trails, an 18 km 8 shaped downhill trail, a 9.5 km long blue trail and the Hope Line Down trail.
5. Stob Ban Mountain Biking, Scotland:

Stob Ban Mountain Biking, Scotland
The Stob Ban Mountain Trail is a purely natural trail. StobBan is actually the name of the mountain and it is located at 5.5km North West of Kinlochleven, known as the Mamores Ridge of the highlands of Scotland. The trail distance ranges from 5-10 km. The trail path is very rocky and you have to take an uphill climb of nearly 1000 meters.
6. Quantock, Somerset:

Biking at Quantock, Somerset
If you are at the peak of your health and if you start early, you can finish all the trails of the Quantock hills. The route is a natural single track and you have to be a technical rider to test your skills on this track. The south end of Quantock has a trail called Tiscombe which will give you a challenging downhill run. If you start your ride from Great Wood then you have to climb up to the ridge via Ram’s Combe. If you head north along with the ridge and you will end up in Hodder’s combe. The Lady’s edge combe brings you up again to the ridge.
7. Helvellyn and Sticks Pass, Lake District:

Helvellyn and Sticks Pass, Lake District
This mountain biking route is 11.3 km long and it starts from the Glenridding at the Lake District. This route then goes to an uphill to the summit of Helvellyn before finishing at the Sticks Pass. Helvellyn is the third highest peak of the Lake District. So your mountain bike ride should be technical, rocky and increasingly steep. The track is wet even in the summer so you may have to carry your bike when the Nethermost Pike comes. With this ride, you would have to ascend more than 3100 ft and with the slippery wet rocks of the trail, you have watch out for the weather before you start the biking.
8. Gunnerside Gill, Yorkshire Dales:

This is a 28.5 miles route which goes up to Swaledale and Gunnerside before returning through Apedale. Both the Gunnerside Gill and the Swaledale trail are natural cross country MTB terrain. All of the trails are rocky, gravelly and stony so you have to be more technical while crossing it. You have to go through long climbs and rewarding downhill descends in Gunnerside Gill and Swaledale. The Swale trail is almost 20km long in length. This trail is a multi user track as it can be used by all including the trekkers and horse riders. The Swale trail also divides into four different trails which will lead you to the nearby villages with bike repairing shops, pubs, food courts and much-needed washrooms.

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