Best famous places for flying fishing in the US

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US mainland is so large, and there’re so many famous places for you to go fishing & relax. Some fishers try to explore best places & enjoy the most wonderful time with friends, family. Feeling excited when they catch the fish from lake, stream or sea.
This post would suggest you some famous fishing destination in the United States & hope you choose the best one the prepare for your exploring.

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  1. Sitka, Alaska

Besides beautiful snow-capped mountains, the crystal clear waters of Bristol Bay, Sitka, Alaska are the ideal meeting for amateur fishermen. Salmon from Ocean would arrive here in June every year, turning it into a very active outdoor activity in the summer.

2. Washington lake, Seattle

Washington lake, Seattle

No matter if you want to fish from river or sea, Washington Lake will satisfy all over 100 different species of fish, most notably type of fish like the flounder, grouper etc. Also on In July each year, each group of salmon swim to join the group. It is a good time to take the fishing and start the exciting journey.

3. Utah Ski Resort, Utah

the season’s melting snow is filling countless small streams. Soon, Utah’s mountainous ski resorts will pop with wildflowers, offering a scenic escape from the heat in the valleys. And this’s also a perfect place for fly fishing. The advice for you is to come here in Summer, there’s so many activities to do with.

4. Gunpowder Falls River, Maryland

This stream is so natural, and there’re salmons in cold water that you can fly fishing here! The salmon here are very diverse in terms of species, and are released from the Pretty Boy dam in the upstream. Not only for you to fish, here you also often see the spectacular ‘jump’ dance jump of the fish, crossing the high rock floor.

5.White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Along with North Arbor Lake, White Bear Lake in Minnesota is also good for fishing throughout the year. From fresh spring to cold winter, fishermen can harvest their basket full of fishes at any time. Melon, carp, grouper are typical representatives of these two lakes.

6. Lake Jennings, San Diego 

It would gives you fresh felling when fishing at Lake Jennings, just one of a handful of lakes in San Diego County where camping can be part of the fishing experience. There’s something unique and very worthwhile about camping above the suburbs of San Diego’s East County and looking down at the city lights from a bluff above the campground.

That fact there’re great places in San Diego for a relaxing weekend of camping and fishing in San Diego

7.  Gallatin River, Montana


Flowing over 90 miles, the Gallatin River has many small tributaries that irrigate the entire area around it. Originating in Yellowstone National Park, the Gallatin River is famous for its abundance of fish and shrimp, and has since become Hollywood’s ‘natural field’ with fishing scenes. Typical of this river are salmon, rainbow, lobster, …

8. Sacramento River, California

Sacramento, California

Amateur fishers do not have to worry about ’emptying’ once they reach the Sacramento River. This river has a tremendously abundant fish stock, to the point that people often catch the salmon longer than a meter! Gather a group of friends, rent a boat floating on the river and you will have an enjoyable fishing day.

9. Henry’s Fork river, Idaho

This fishing spot is already famous all over the world. Henry’s Fork is suitable for both amateur and professional fishermen. The specialty of this area is the rainbow colored iridescent.

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