Best 7+ Beautiful Places for Hiking & Camping in the US

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The United States of America is full of naturally incredible landmarks. Every landmark has its own beauty and by knowing about these spots, you can choose your favorite holiday spot before going to your much-needed vacation.
1. Great Smoky Mountains (Tennessee):

The Smoky mountain range or the “Smokies” is located on Tennessee-North Carolina border. The Smoky mountain range is the home of the Smoky mountain national park. The park is the most visited Park in America as over 9 million people visits here per day. This park has a large variety of unique flora and fauna. The park protects the both the history and the wildlife.
The Great Smoky Mountain is bounded by three rivers by three sides, namely Pigeon River, Tennessee River and Tuckasegee River. The highest peak of the Smoky Mountain range is Clingmans Dome. Many people visit Smoky Mountain hike the Clingmans Dome and watch its collection of beautiful wildflowers and animals.

One of the most popular visiting spots here is Cades Cove where you can watch all the wildlife of the park as you would eye every animal from a black bear to white tail deer and racoon. Another landmark here is Roaring Fork, where you would see a piece of history with the stunning view of the colorful and colossal forest. You would visit rushing streams here with the pre-historic building like the log cabin, grist mills and other structures. You should also visit Cataloochee, Elkmont, Mountain Farm museum and Mingus Mill here. You would never forget the endless view of ridges, valleys and waterfalls. The smoky mountain offers 800 miles hiking trails and ridges.

2. Mono Lake (California):

Mono Lake (California)
Mono lake is located in Mono county, California. The specialty of the lake is its alkalinity of the water. The lake has no outlet which caused the high level of salt accumulation inside the lake which in turn makes the water alkaline. This is because rainfall into the Mono Lake does not keep up with the evaporation of the lake water. Because of this, the lake is 2.5 times saltier and 80 times alkaline than the ocean water. The Mono Lake Alkali fly collects nutrition from the alkaline water. This fly always makes it one of the common sight present in this place. The special part of the mono lake is its Tufa towers, which is nothing but the deposition of carbonate minerals. It forms because of the high mineral content of the water. When the lake level becomes higher, freshwater springs flows into the surface and reacts with the mineral deposits to form cement-like substance.

Boating is available in Mono Lake. People boat towards the Tufa tower. The most beautiful Tufa towers are on the south shore of the lake. Mono lake is a photographers’ paradise. The sunset behind the Tufa tower is absolutely amazing. You can take a canoe tour or kayak tour on the Mono Lake. In the time of fall, many birds from the pacific flyway come here. During that time any bird lover can spend a good time watching the birds.
3. Niagara Falls (New York):

Niagara Falls is actually the name of not one, but three waterfalls bordering the state of New York and Ontario, Canada. These three falls are respectively Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls is bordering the USA and Canada, American falls is completely on the side of USA and is separated from the other falls by Goat Island, and the Bridal Veil Falls are also on the American side and are separated by Luna Island. The Horseshoe Falls is the biggest falls in America, as it drops about 188 ft and is 2600 feet wide. Niagara Falls has been an ardent source of hydroelectric power from ages.

There is a place named Niagara-on-the-lake at 25 minutes of driving distance from the falls, around which you can watch beautiful wine estates or a museum. There is a boat service in Niagara Falls which can offer you fishing, and beautiful views of the falls. From the Skylon Towers, you can enjoy dinner and the serene beauty of three falls. You are visiting the falls with kids, do visit the butterfly conservatory. They would love being surrounded by 2000 different butterflies. The Niagara SkyWheels will give you thrills along with the view of the beauty of the falls. You can opt for a classic helicopter ride over the falls and the lakes; it has been going on since 1961.
4. Grand Canyon (Arizona):

The Grand Canyon is located at the steep of Colorado River. Though Grand Canyon is not the deepest canyon in the world, it is known worldwide for its size and beautiful landscapes. This canyon is also carved by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and 1857 meter deep. It is geologically significant because the different layers of rock formation are well preserved and displayed in the canyon wall.

The south rim of the Grand Canyon is historians delight as they can visit the Buckey O’Neil’s cabin which was built during 1890’s and now used as a guest house. A renowned architect, Mary Jane Colter built the Hopi house, Lookout studio, Desert View watchtower, and Bright angle lodge here in the south rim of Grand Canyon. The main attraction here is to hike the Grand Canyon, National Park. The main entrance of the park is from the south as it remains open all year. You can explore the Grand Canyon via road. This road remains open from December to February, after that the road gets closed, but you can explore the canyon by shuffle bus which ends to the desert view watchtower. There are some unique ways to explore Grand Canyon, from rafting, kayaking and helicopter rides. At the south entrance, from the Mather point overlook, you can catch some dramatic views of the canyon.
5. Crater Lake (Oregon):

Crater Lake Oregon
Crater Lake Oregon

The Crater Lake is located in Oregon. Surrounding the Crater Lake, there is Crater Lake National Park which is the main attraction here. The speciality of the lake is the deep blue clear water. The depth of the lake is 2148 foot. According to the geologists, the lake is created by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. There is a centre platform in the Crater Lake which is created by lava eruptions. This central platform is named Wizard Island. Some researchers suggested that the water of Crater Lake is the purest in the world as no pollutant is present in the area. The alkalinity of the water is high because of the accumulation of minerals.

Plaikni falls is located near the lake which is accessible by the National Park’s newest trails. Anyone can hike here to see the quiet Plaikni falls. It is just 2.2 miles away from Crater Lake and the trail is wheelchair accessible. You can walk the distance to enjoy the beauty of this 20 feet high pretty waterfall, surrounded by the wildflower. The Pinnacle Valley trail is just 1.2 miles round trip from the lake and it has the serene view of the beautiful creek and volcanic spires. The session of hiking at these trails are in July for 3 weeks. If you want to swim in Crater Lake, hike to Cleetwood Cove Trail which is the only trail leads to the shore.
6. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho):

Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA

This National Park covers three different states, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The National park is rich is wildlife and geothermal features like the Old Faithful Geyser. Yellowstone national park is the first National Park both in the US and the world. The National Park is rich in different ecosystems like the subalpine forest is present covering the area of 3,468 square miles. The Yellowstone National Park comprises lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. The main attraction of the Yellowstone National Park is the caldera lake named Yellowstone Lake. It is situated upon an active caldera, Yellowstone Caldera. The park has versatile fauna including Bison, Elk, Wolves, Grizzly bears.

There are many recreational opportunities in Yellowstone National Park, such as hiking, swimming, camping, boating, and fishing. If you want to explore Yellowstone’s wild beauty, take a hike to the Grand Teton Parks 1300 mile trail. The most popular hikes here are Bunsen Peak. Another popular Trail is Uncle Tom’s Trail. You can take paddling or kayaking trips in the Yellowstone Lake near the Geyser. There are many campgrounds outside the backcountry, where you can go camping under the stars. Fishing in the Yellowstone Lake is an experience you cannot compare to the other experiences. The Yellowstone Lake and the Madison River is full of different kinds of Trouts namely brown trout, Rainbow trout. The water of Casper is the number one fishing destination in the US.
7. Yosemite Waterfall (California):

Waterfall Park Yosemite
Waterfall Park Yosemite

The Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall situated in the Yosemite National Park with the height of 2425 feet. The waterfall is divided into three sections, Upper Yosemite fall which is 1430 feet long, middle Yosemite fall which is 675 feet and the lower Yosemite Fall with 320 feet height. Many climbers have tried to climb the inaccessible rocks beneath the fall during the winter. The most accessible part if the Yosemite fall is the lower part which is very near from the Yosemite lodge. There is a 5.6 km hike from the camp 4 to go to the top Yosemite Falls.
The mountaineers love the Granite Dome of Yosemite which rises 4737 feet above the valley. The campers love camping at the Tuolumne meadow. You can find various species of plants like Lodgepole Pine, dwarf bilberry and Ross’s Sedge. The 145 mile Merced River has a valley which is 8 miles long and a mile deep. You can go 2.8-mile roundtrip hike to the granite rock formation of Lembert dome. The Lembert dome has the height of 800 feet. The Cathedral peak is one of the biggest attractions of the Yosemite; it has a height of 10,911 feet. You can also hike to the Glacier point of Yosemite Valley, with the elevation of 7214 feet. From here you can have a great view of Yosemite falls.
8. Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming):

The Grand Teton National Park is located in the state of Wyoming. The National park covers 310000 acres of area and has the Teton mountain range and the Jackson Hole graben valley. There are many lakes in the park and most of are located at the base of the mountain range. These lakes are formed by glaciers. The names of these lakes are Emma Matilda, two Oceans Lake (situated at the east of Jackson Hole), Leigh, Jenny, Bradley, Taggart, solitude and Phelps Lake. The Snake River flows down to the park from north to south.
You can do many things at the Grand Teton National Park. There is an option to go horse riding near the banks of the Snake River. You can also take a rafting trip in the Snake River. By taking a raft trip you would find various range of flora and fauna of the park with the glimpse of bald eagles, moose, elk and beaver. The Grand Teton National park is full of lakes, so you can go and fishing. The lakes are full of many kinds of trout fish. So fishing here would be an amazing experience. Hiking is one of the most popular activities here. The nature and the landscape here is rugged with extreme temperature changes, has high elevation and many trails. The Teton Range is regarded home for the rock climbers as they climb the Jackson Hole Mountain and Exum Mountain.

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